Opening for Dave Rowntree (Blur) - May 26, Stereo Arcade, Dubai

On Thursday May 26th, I'll be (a)live performing my debut album Aberrance in Dubai - Stereo Arcade. The gig is part of a lineup, and I'll be opening for the inspirational artist, political activist, and drummer, Dave Rowntree (Blur, The Ailerons).

The opportunity to meet and listen to Dave is definitely exciting. And what makes this performance more exciting personally is the fact that I would be accompanied for the first time by so many friends (first and foremost) and amazing musicians:

I would like to thank the beautiful people who made this possible: Tarek Barakat, Sonia Logo, Charl Chaka, Ziad Kamel, Vartan Keleshian, and Sam Wahab.

If you're in Dubai, you shouldn't miss this. And I shouldn't miss you.

Photo by the talented: Marianne Zammaria



PS: The man who sold the world will be among us