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Excerpts from Metro Almadina - Recorded live on June 27, 2018

A short documentary about Miran's first visit and musical pilgrimage to his native Armenia.

Music by David Bowie (Man Who Sold The World), Arabic adaptation by Miran Gurunian

Man Who Sold Eldunya (Acoustic) by GURUMIRAN - Recorded in Light FM Studios

Inspired by Imane Homsy's Cycle of Dances, Imane's Dance is my personal tribute to her and her music.

Armenian folk song aka Finjan - GURUMIRAN electro-rock rework

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Gurumiran, a.k.a. Miran Gurunian, is an audiophile, DJ, audio engineer, guitarist, lyricist, music producer and songwriter based in Beirut, Lebanon.  

Recorded in 2015, Aberrance is his first solo album and—born out of a desire for new beginnings—signals a departure from Gurumiran’s usual tendencies and musical path.

Inspired by both Berlin and Beirut, as well as a search for anonymity and a return to roots, it explores fresh sonic possibilities, combining a variety of musical styles such as jazz guitar with electronic overtones reminiscent of pioneers like Depeche Mode, New Order and Thom Yorke.

The many decisions that were made in and for Aberrance—sometimes spontaneously—are all pretty much against the current of how Gurumiran has previously done things, hence the name of the album. From his choices of writing and recording, to the musicians that he worked with. He departed from his usual creative environment, consisting of immersing with his band, and focused on initiating the writing by using a single guitar line combined with an electronic effect, ultimately shaping the diverse electro-acoustical soundscapes of the album.

Written by Miran Gurunian
Produced by Miran Gurunian and Fadi Tabbal
Additional productions by Carl Ferneine
Recorded by Fadi Tabbal between The Other Lab and Tunefork Studios, Beirut 
Mixed by Fadi Tabbal
Mastered at Calyx Mastering, Berlin

Guitars and voices by Miran Gurunian
Electronics by Carl Ferneine, Miran Gurunian, Fadi Tabbal
Additional voices by Carl Ferneine,Erin MikaelianBojan Preradovic, and Fadi Tabbal

Album artwork by Omar Fakhouri
Additional design by Armen Sepetjian
Online Image consultancy by Josette khalil

Publishing and Copyright by Miran Gurunian


Aberrance was made In memory of Imane Homsy